Dwi Iskandar - Fashion Designer

Famous Fashion Designer based in Bali. A native of East Java, Indonesia, Dwi studied fashion design at the Fashion School of Adrianto Halim in Bali. He very quickly developed his own unique style: growing up in rural Java, Dwi has long had a passion for ethnic materials and patterns, and he combines those ethnic inspirations and fabrics with contemporary design and fashion elements into his unique collections.

He opened his first boutique in Bali in 2001, selling his casual wear for males and females. After his ready-to-wear collection was well received by the market, Dwi started to produce his cocktail and evening dress collection as his next step in the dynamic Balinese / Indonesian fashion industry, and subsequently, participated in many high-profile fashion events in Bali, Jakarta and Jogjakarta, as well as international events in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

In 2002, Dwi started to produce uniforms, and was soon commissioned to design and produce uniforms for several hotels, restaurants and cafes in Bali.