As a fashion designer, dwi iskandar draws on his many years of experience and expresses it by creating a ‘look’ or a style for whatever genre or medium his clients are working in i.e. food and beverage, fashion, film, entertainment, etc. In short, he knows how to put it all together and mix and match to create a ‘look’ that gets ‘the looks’.

dwi explains: “the simple fact is, we are all stylists at heart… everyday we go to our wardrobes to choose what clothes we will wear; this act of putting it together constitutes your style. You’ve got a lot of possibilities, even with a limited wardrobe. The only factor will be what you have to choose from and how you coordinate it. That’s why you need to be constantly aware of what’s happening with changing fashions and lifestyles, always watching people and trends, and always experimenting to create new and innovative styles.

I apply this same principle to my designing – it’s all about style; yes it’s a little different, yes a little edgy, but it works for my clients.
If they are happy, I’m happy… and sold!”


Cutting Edge Ideas

dwi iskandar is a polite and humble young man who credits his loyal staff for much of his brands’ success. “Each morning all the team – and we are very much a team, meets in our Jimbaran workshop. Ideas are shared, new designs are discussed, merchandise is explained and everyone is free to let everyone else in on a new hot find or exciting concept. That’s what it’s all about… staying on the cutting edge is just naturally part of our lifestyle.”

Fashionably Bali

fashionWhy did dwi make Bali his fashion headquarters?
“The very force of so many diverse people now living on this island, not to mention it now being the world’s most popular holiday destination, has moved Bali into first position on many fronts and it is here that you can see true culture at work… and at play. Bali is fast becoming one of the best restaurant centres in Indonesia with more resorts, spas and prestigious hotels than most other cities in the world. European fashion people make it a ‘must see’ on their list of trend setting spots. Architecturally it contains a sampling of lots of the old and traditional and much of the new… modern, cutting edge, tropical design. That’s why I like to blend the old and the new, the best of east and west, with strong ethnic influences in my fashions.

If it’s the arts you’re after, then Bali is almost the center of the universe with more artists, sculptors, galleries and museums per square kilometer than anywhere in the world. If its happening, its happening in Bali and the rest of the country is bound to follow. Indeed, Bali is the gateway to Indonesia because Bali has an artistic leading edge. That’s why I located my business here – right in the center of it all”.

dwi iskandar has his own ‘ready-to-wear’ boutique in Jimbaran and several outlets in The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, The St. Regis Bali Resort.

The Jimbaran workshop is staffed by a group of young enthusiastic people who, under Dwi’s guidance, make it a point to keep on top of what’s happening in fashion… both in Bali and in the fashion capitals of the world. Indeed, the dwi iskandar and Dwico labels are now exported far and wide and are renowned for their ethnic contemporary style. Major exports include resort-wear, uniforms, cocktail and evening dresses.
dwi iskandar

Ethnic Influence

dwi iskandar is a critically acclaimed, innovative designer who places great significance on clothing which has been inherited from the past – including native an ethnic costumes and cultures. This enables him to create unique, edgy designs, often with strong ethnic influences in a contemporary style, which sensitively reflects on past and present cultural conditions. Such designs allow both the fabric and the body to assert themselves, yet through movement, fabric and body become one.Dwi Iskandar’s innovative resort-wear and uniforms have attracted strong demand from the discerning resort, hotel and hospitality industry and dwi is now designing and manufacturing uniforms for resorts and hotels in Bali, Jogja, Lombok, Jakarta, Lampung, Bandung and Australia.

Dwi Iskandar’s private ‘made-to-order’ collections include casual wear, evening and party dress, and stunning wedding attire for traditional and international weddings. Dwi’s comfy casual-wear outfits have been described as “urban, smart, and very on the move – tailored dressing ready to go… effortless dressing for those who value quality and style”.